So the lovely gircleanserls from Bella Beauty sent me a REN Micro Polish Cleanser to try and see what I thought.

To be honest I am a little rusty on skincare as I am not practising as a beauty therapist for quiet some time and I had never heard of the range.

I began to try the Cleanser, as I love being introduced to new products.

On damp skin I applied some cleanser and worked it in with circular motions.

Avoiding the eye area as the Cleanser has little microbeads. These microbeads gently exfoliate and transform dull & tired skin to give youthful radiance. It contains a two in one formula designed to give you a deep cleanse while gently exfoliates the skin. Containing also bio extracts which help to reduce any inflamation of the skin while radiance is boosted with the omega 7 ingredient.

I removed this a warm face cloth and then applied my serum and moisturiser. Recommended to use 2-3 times a week as daily might be a bit too much.

Retailing at €24 it is not overly priced for the brilliance of this product.

While in Dublin this week I visit a shop called Space.NK which stocks a lot of luxury beauty brands and I spotted the REN Skincare range.

Curious I made my merry way over and browsed some of the other products in the range.

I spotted the REN Radiance serum and sampled it on the back of my hand and instantly it was more radiant and softer.

I got a sample and have been trying it out for the last few days after I cleansed and my skin looks and feels more energised.

The multi active serum contains some powerful bio extracts including Hyaluronic Acid which intensively hydrates the skin and Glycogen and Magnesium to boost the skins radiance and energy.

The range is free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colours, TEA, DEA, glycols, silicones, and PEGs.

I am putting this on my list and for sure buying it in the next few days. Retailing at €40 which is great value for a serum as they can be pricy.


Bella Beauty have a coupon code for all of my readers which will give you 10% discount on the REN RADIANCE RANGE at the checkout. Just type in HAYLEY.


GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD Exfoliating treatment

This little product is a big hit with me and I am looking forward to using it again. Designed as an anti-aging facial in a jar that gives you immediate glowing skin. YOUTHMUD is from the Mediterranean Sea in the South of France and its natural collagen boosts the skin with a tingle sensation once applied to the skin..

Ingredients such as:

Volcanic Rock which exfoliates and revitalizes dull skin.

French Sea Clay which draws out any impurities without removing natural oils and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Green Tea Leaf  which penetrates into the skin to hydrate and balance oil production.

I left it on for about 20 minutes.Once I was removing it I dampened my skin with a warm face cloth and used my fingers in a circular motion to give me that double exfoliation. I then placed a warm cloth over my skin and removed the mask.

I can honestly say your skin is left glowing,so silky and soft and you can see the visible results.

Retailing at about the €55-60 mark its is worth the spend.


Covering and camouflaging a tattoo.

I have decided to blog about camouflage and covering tattoos. A lot of brides ask me to camouflage there tattoo for there big day as they don’t want to remove it permanently.

So here is what I like to do.

I like to take a full coverage concealer like MAC Studio finish and apply to the area. If your tattoo has a blue undertone use something with warmth in it to cancel it out like an NW shade from MAC. If it has a pink or red undertone use something cool like an NC shade from MAC to neutralise. MAC also have conceal and correct palettes which are ideal for camouflage as they have all the tones you need. They aren’t available in every MAC store just pro stores so get your hands on them if you get near a pro store.


Using a sponge or flat synthetic brush dab the concealer onto the tattoo, do not rub it in as you want to build up the coverage to cover the area. Once your happy with it leave for about a minute to dry and then apply a full coverage powder. Studio fix powder by MAC is a foundation powder that has an all matte finish and will not only set the concealer but give you the extra coverage you need. Again dab and press the powder onto the concealer and continue until you can no longer see the tattoo.

Give a light spritz of hair spray if you like for extra hold and prevent it rubbing off onto clothes.

Here is a picture of my recent camouflage of a red rose and blue tattoo outlined by a white pencil as it was a demo.


Thanks for reading,
Hayley x


Turquoise and brown smokey eye x

Hi everyone,
So I posted a picture earlier on of a turquoise and brown smokey eye. So here is a little run down of what I used. Image


For those of you that would love to introduce a pop of colour but still can’t part from your browns this is perfect for you. Firstly my foundation I use is Giorgio Armani luminous silk in shade 3.5.It’s lightweight texture is build-able and gives this radiant glow to your skin that’s just fab..

Build it up for that extra coverage .Image

For my eyes I used a combination of shadows starting with MAC Soft brown in my crease/socket then using a matte brown over that. Once I had the outer corner done I pressed on Inglot’s teal green pigment in #70.I also added a small bit of MAC glitter in refects turquatic to add a little sparkly on top of this pigment.ImageImage

I blended all the shadows together then by taking my Inglot brush in #6ss.After I applied this pigment I then took a MAC gel liner in blacktrax to complete this eye and by winging the liner it gives it a more dramatic look.

My favourite brush for liner is MAC #263 the synthetic hair holds onto the colour of the gel and distributes it evenly and smooth aiding your application.


On my cheeks is MAC Dainty blush and on my lips I used Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial.Image

When choosing a blush x

Tips for choosing and application of blush:
Warm skin tones should go for blusher with warm undertones, coral, apricot, peach and orange shades are a great option for adding an everyday healthy glow to the cheeks. A good option is MAC Peaches blush which has a matte finish or MAC Style blush which has a gold
undertone giving a nice highlight.

MAC Peaches blush

Cool skin tones should stick to pale pinks, berry and rose shades they will make your face appear fresh.
Its always good to invest in a good quality blusher brush.  My favourite brush is MAC #168 which hair fibres have a buffered edge which are soft and firmly bundled. Its angled edge is perfect for contour and application of blush.

MAC #168 brush

When you dip your brush into the powder dust any excess off before you put near your face remember less is more.
Looking in the mirror smile so you can see the apple of your cheeks, sweep the brush back and fourth in short strokes starting at the apple of the cheek ending at the ear. Instantly your face will be beaming with a healthy glow!
If you apply too much blusher don’t worry, there is no need to wipe the entire make up from your face and start again from scratch. Firstly blot some tissue over the blush to remove any excess powder, then take a lightly coloured face powder and dust over the blush. It will tone it down and will save the rest of your hard work going to waste.